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Great Game

Great game, it's a good time waster, innovative with a good achievement system. However, I think I'm finding an error in getting the speed challenge expert medal for the USP. It says 4 seconds or less, whenever I do it in 4 seconds I still get the veteran medal...and I can't really do it in three seconds.

All the other guns are functional however.

Great Game

I played this game, got extremely frustrated and quit.

Then I read Tom's post telling everyone to seriously give this game another try. I kept trying and I eventually did beat the game. And when I was finished, I really found the whole genius of the game.

Anyone who gets that flustered should break from this game and come back to it, it helps. It's hard to beat this game in one sitting. This is probably the best obstacle avoider game I've played so far.

It's the most frustrating and yet the most feasibly beatable avoider.

Great Ending

If anyone tries to review this game, they should play it until the end.
Great ending.


Sirtom93 was the tr00 hxc batshit insane.
Summed up the whole situation pretty nicely. Needs sequel with him in prison and his plea over the phone.


Topnotched game. It really incorporated elements of a game with a movie and combined them together.


Wow great, Draw Play 3, okay. It was decent, highly anticpated too, but it was just too much. The "No Draw Zone" added the unnecessary challenge that just caused pure frustration.

The Level edit is a good feature I guess. Some levels were rediculous as well with just way to much traps.

Still, I do love the concept of drawing your path.


Its a good challenge, but it was too simple and I've seen it before. Just moving tiles to make one thing go to the exit.

It had some good smooth graphics, but added things would be good too.

Good game

Very original, challenging and the level select was great too. I just hated the defeatment noise but other than that, good original game.

Finally on Newgrounds

I remember going to your site, mofunzone.com, and playing this. This game is pretty old, I don't remember how, but yea, you finally put it up on Newgrounds.

Great game too, good concept and idea.

quite fun

Great GREAT concept
I think a sequel would be great to this game.
It has a real unique gameplay, and the last level, WOW
Love that trick you did there too

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