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2010-03-12 23:49:11 by americanidiot2f

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I'm actually not sure how I came to this, but I think The Day That Never Comes just popped out from my library and I skipped it and Dreamscape by EON came up and I thought to myself, "wait those introductions sound the same." I played them over and the beginning of The Day That Never Comes sounds similar to Dreamscape.

DreamScape by EON
The Day That Never Comes by Metallica

But it's probably just a coincidence. DreamScape was created before The Day That Never Comes. I doubt someone from Metallica decided to go to the NGAP to steal their next song's intro.

I just wanted to point out the interesting similarity.

Art Portal

2009-06-17 20:36:42 by americanidiot2f

I have new inspiration to start drawing again and spend some downtime on Newgrounds.
Also, I'll submit more, I've only submitted rough sketches from the past.

Also if you want an art critiques, feel free to ask here or by PM. I won't censure your art.


2009-04-01 18:07:35 by americanidiot2f


TheGimpsta's death?

2008-12-28 00:31:07 by americanidiot2f

So I was browsing through the Audio Portal, now although it may seem I have left the forums I still go on this site when bored, and I decided to go onto TheGimpsta's profile, an audio artist I've known since the beginning of this year. When I listened predominately to electronica, I had some tracks by him.

So on this night I decided to go onto this profile to check things out, see if he's still active since I haven't checked it since...probably March of this year.

Now call me slowpoke, but I went to see his latest newspost (May 15th) and read it, stating he has died of his fight for cancer. Now being shocked, I looked further in and discovered he had lung cancer and he knew was going to die soon.

Still being shocked, I just wonder how long was I gone unnoticed. Obviously months.
Not much people knew who he was, but he was a great contributor to Newgrounds for years. He has well over a hundred audio submissions. I think this should be brought to Tom's attention, and a mentioning of it maybe greatly respectful.

Of course it could be a hoax, but just look at the evidence, he wouldn't have left newgrounds just like that, he was a great audio producer, had many fans, had support.

Look, he was a devoted user on Newgrounds for many years, constantly adding new audio. You could compare his magnitude to many other renowned audio artist.

There's not much I can say now, I didn't know him personally, but his death shouldn't have gone so unnoticed.

I just saw Kamelot

2008-10-26 03:41:05 by americanidiot2f

So, I have just came back from seeing Kamelot and Edguy.

It was honestly, just wow. So, this being my first concert (besides seeing a live performance by Iron Butterfly) and my age, I had to come with my parents and sister.
I get there at 7:45 and its already dark and the line has gone up the street and cornered the adjacent one. Waiting fifteen minutes 'til 8, the time in which the doors open, the line speeds up quickly and within twenty minutes about, I'm in.

The place was small and congested with people, really you had about a 3-12inch radius until someone was near you.

So it's nine o'clock and Edguy comes in. They pulled off a great performance, starting with a loud, vibrating bass note. They played a couple of songs until ten, and were really interactive with the audience. There was about 600 people in the audience. My favorite song, being Superhero, was played. Next, this was extremely unexpecting, the singer gets his guitar and starts playing the riff to Smoke on the Water. So we wait for about thirty minutes after they exit and Kamelot comes up, the main act.

They were just amazing, they started with Rule The World, another great song. They played some more, the singer left the stage to take a break while the other members just went off doing solos. The singer came back singing The Human Stain, another great song. Afterwards, I felt a little sick, it was hot and unoxygenated in there, so I went outside to catch a breath.

Came back in, they performed more. They supposidly exited, after a chant of their name, they came back with the hit song, Ghost Opera. It was really amazing, then unexpectingly, they played Karma. The combination of those two songs was just an eargasm.

Afterwards, they exitted, and the show was offically over and so me and my family just leave and head towards the car. It was truly a great concert.

Well then, now my ears are ringing and my body aches.

BBS Posting

2008-09-04 16:39:35 by americanidiot2f

Not much people would care, but for the ones wonder, I"ll say anyways.

I'll slow down my posting a lot because of school work. So Mon-Wednesday, sometimes Thursday and Friday I won't be posting a whole lot.

I'll probably be on Sunday, Saturday, Friday maybe and Thursday because it is a short day.

I will still log on everyday, so I'll reply to any PMs quickly.

First day of school

2008-08-25 17:47:59 by americanidiot2f

Well then, today was my first day of sophmore year.

So it starts, I get to school at around 8, talk to some friends and all, nothing much. Head over to homeroom, normally its after second period, but it was the first day. I walk up to the third floor and I am reminded of how slow the school halls were. So I go to my second class (first period was skipped because of the first day) which is Chinese. There was a sub, so I have no idea how the class will be.

Head down to outside for GYM, the gym was under work, so we just go to the auditorium, blah and blah. Back upstairs to Biology, the class is small, only 19 students, so this class shouldn't be that difficult. So I head outside for lunch and talk amongst my friends.

Afterwards, I go back to the third floor, to Advanced Algebra Honors, this class will be my main focus, next to Chinese.

Then back downstairs for English, a little mix up, class seems okay though.

A now I'm eating some hot fries, I had about a bag of these every week while still in school.

Clock Day!

2008-08-14 16:09:31 by americanidiot2f

Well tomorrow is Clock Day, some people hate it, but it's just one day out of the whole year where we get to mess around in the portal.

I never realized it was Clock Day tomorrow, until PirateClock made a thread about it, which I got banned for posting in, but its only for today. I may make a flash or two at the last minute. Although, I must go to my school to pick up my class schedule on that date, and so I'll be back to start clock day at around 11, which is 2 at NG time.

Anyways, I think we should vote 2 or 3 so we don't have a stream of blue to our left as some people have said.

The Newgrounds Poster

2008-08-02 15:55:08 by americanidiot2f

Remember the NG Poster and how I couldn't get it copied?
I'm converting it (redoing it) on a 8.5" x 11" piece of paper so you guys can print it. I will PM some people it first who really helped out on the poster.

Others later, only people who contributed will get the link, now if you give the link to someone who didn't contribute to the post, I don't care, but could you AT LEAST tell them to post in this thread to contribute something?

Yes, the poster is still going on actually, but it probably won't get copied

Poster Link: 2124

So this means, you should seriously CONTRIBUTE TO THE POSTER NOW (if you already haven't)

If you are wondering "isn't it that failed thread that only got 5 post?"
Not, this was made months ago, it has 15 pages and the poster looks great.